The thing about a chipped tooth is that you never know when you might get affected. Whether you bit too hard into a granola bar or fell face-first by accident, a chipped tooth can take you by surprise. At first, you might feel a little disoriented, with your tongue continuing to poke at the missing part of the tooth. However, it is crucial to take action right after the incident so you don’t end up getting a cavity on the chipped tooth. To learn more about how to fix a chipped tooth, make sure to read on.

What Causes a Chipped Tooth?

Despite being incredibly strong, your enamel is prone to chipping off if a lot of pressure is applied to it. Not to mention, as you grow up, the enamel on your teeth starts to fade away, getting weaker. However, that doesn’t mean that your teeth will start crumbling. It’s only in certain cases where external influence can chip off a part of the tooth. Here are some of the most common causes of a chipped tooth.

  • Constantly biting down on hard objects like ice, jawbreaker, or other candies.
  • Getting injured during a physical activity or sports practice.
  • Falling or getting into an accident.
  • Oral piercings such as on the lips or tongue.
  • Neglecting oral hygiene and failing to take care of your teeth and gums.

How to Fix a Chipped Tooth?

While you cannot fix a chipped tooth completely, there are treatments that can somewhat repair the broken tooth, such as the ones mentioned below.

  1. Dental Bonding
    Dental bonding uses composite resin to shape and polish a tooth. In the case of a chipped tooth, the dentist will apply a layer of resin over the surface, cure it, and then file it down accordingly.
  2. Dental Crown
    If the chipped part is bigger than normal, your dentist might cover the rest of the tooth with a dental crown, especially if the exposed area is putting your gums and tooth roots at risk.
  3. Dental Implants
    Implants are only recommended under serious circumstances. For instance, if the chipped tooth starts cracking and breaking apart, it might need to be extracted from the roots before replacing it with a dental implant.
  4. Veneers
    Veneers are also a great option to consider when it comes to covering up a chipped tooth. These thin strips of porcelain are bonded to the surface of the tooth, giving it a completely new appearance.
  5. Lumineers
    Similar to veneers, lumineers are extremely thin layers of cerinate porcelain that are applied to your teeth. The only way lumineers differ from veneers is over their paper-thin build and the fact that they can be reversed.

Closing Words

All in all, you can fix a chipped tooth in many different ways, be it through dental bonding, veneers, crowns, or other cosmetic procedures. For more information on the matter, feel free to contact Signature Smiles at either of the following locations:

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