What Happens If You Don’t Wear Invisalign For a Day?

Jun 15, 2024

Orthodontic treatments are lengthy, but the amazing outcome makes it worthwhile. Both braces and invisalign give great results, but the advantage with invisalign is that you can take them off for a while. However, using invisalign comes with a lot more responsibility. Keep reading the blog to find out what happens if you don’t wear […]

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6 Effective Tips On How To Take Care Of Veneers

May 30, 2024

Your smile plays an important role in creating your personality; a confident smile means a confident personality. Since dentistry has advanced so much, people with damaged teeth, too, have a hope of having a nice smile. You can get veneers for crooked teeth and allow yourself to have that beautiful smile. However, before opting for […]

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How Long Does TMJ Last?

May 15, 2024

The temporomandibular is a small, fragile, hinge-like bodily structure that joins your mouth and skull. It functions each time your jaw moves, be it for eating, yawning, speaking, or opening and closing your mouth. One of the most used joints in the body, the jaw joint, can cause pain that greatly lowers the quality of […]

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Do You Have TMJ? Find Out the Symptoms and Causes of TMJ

Apr 30, 2024

The temporal bones of your skull, located in front of each ear, are connected to your jaw by a hinge known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This joint allows you to yawn, eat, and move your jaw side to side and up and down. Temporomandibular Joint disorders (TMJ) are issues with the facial muscles that […]

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What Happens If A Cavity Is Left Untreated?

Apr 15, 2024

Cavities can impact the beautiful appearance of your smile as well as your oral health. Even if you brush your teeth diligently, there is still a chance that you may suffer from tooth decay. For this reason, it is important to schedule regular dental visits to your dentist. If you are concerned about tooth cavities […]

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How Many Missing Teeth Can Dental Implants Replace?

Mar 30, 2024

In recent years, dental implants have revolutionized modern dentistry by providing a natural-looking and durable alternative for missing teeth. Unlike conventional dentures or bridges, these metal posts are inserted in the jawbone, providing long-term stability. Many people opt for this treatment, but the question is, how many teeth can dental implants replace? Let’s delve into […]

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