Have you ever woken up all hungry, ready to take a bite out of your delicious breakfast, only to discover your jaw refuses to budge? It can seem unsettling at first, making you ask yourself, “Why does my jaw feel tight?” Perhaps there even may be a little bit of pain. However, a tight jaw isn’t necessarily something to worry about. Many reasons can cause it, be it stress or a temporomandibular joint disorder. However, to get more insight into the different causes and treatments of jaw tightness, make sure to read this blog.

Why Does My Jaw Feel Tight?

If you’ve been dealing with your jaw getting stuck or suddenly feeling tight, it might be due o the following reasons:

  1. Anxiety or Stress
    Although not physically visible, anxiety and stress are two major factors that lead to a tight jaw. This happens because all the muscles in your body tense up, which means until you relax or destress, the muscles will remain tightly locked.
  2. TMJ Disorder
    TMJ disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is a condition that deals with your jaw joint. Since the temporomandibular joint is what keeps your jaw attached to the skull, the slightest harm to it can cause severe reactions.
  3. Bruxism
    Clenching or grinding teeth is a common habit among people. However, doing it often can give way to bruxism, a condition that leads to serious dental concerns.
  4. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Arthritis is a serious autoimmune condition where your joints end up getting inflamed. Most people with rheumatoid arthritis are likely to have symptoms that are linked to a TMJ disorder.
  5. Excessive Chewing
    If you tend to chew a lot of gum or are constantly snacking, perhaps a little break might help. Overusing your jaw muscles can cause them to freeze up, making your jaw feel tight and rusty.

How Do I Get Rid Of Tightness In My Jaw?

As annoying as it is to handle a tight jaw, there are ways to soothe the rustiness. Mentioned below are some of the common treatment options an orthodontist might suggest in case of jaw tightness:

  1. Jaw Surgery
    If your case of TMJ is serious, surgery might be required to reposition and fix the jaw joint.
  2. Jaw Exercises
    Sometimes all you need is a little bit of movement and certain routine jaw exercises to loosen up the muscles in your mouth.
  3. Mouthguard
    The best way to deal with the habit of clenching and grinding teeth is to use a mouthguard. The oral device keeps your jaw safe and prevents teeth from getting damaged.
  4. Gentle Massages
    Besides exercises, massaging your jaw can be really helpful when trying to relieve tension and lessen the tightness.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the reason you might be suffering from a jaw that feels tight is because your temporomandibular joint is getting inflamed. Or it could also be caused by an overload of stress and anxiety. Regardless of the reason, visiting a dental specialist can help you and your oral health get back on track. For more information, contact Signature Smiles at either of the following:

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