At Signature Smiles of  Plano, Texas, our dentists provide family dentistry, offering top-quality care from your toddler’s first tooth to your teen’s Invisalign® treatment to dental implants or dentures for senior family members. The entire team at Signature Smiles of  Plano Family Dentistry prides itself on providing a welcoming, state-of-the-art practice for patients of all ages.

Plano, TX Family Dentistry Q & A

What Is Family Dentistry at Signature Smiles of  Plano?

As a Plano family dentist, our team understands the unique needs of children’s teeth, as well as, that of their parents and grandparents. He’s knowledgeable about how teeth, gums, and the issues that affect them develop over time. Busy parents especially appreciate having all of their family’s dental needs cared for at one central practice.

What Is Most Important in Children’s Dental Care?

Prevention, including sealants and fluoride treatments, along with, the early detection and treatment of issues are the essential components to ensuring that children maintain good oral health over their lifetime. With regularly scheduled preventive checkups and professional cleanings, any unhealthy changes can be addressed right away, preventing complications and the need for costly corrective treatments. Also, at Signature Smiles of Plano Family Dentistry, our team will teach your children the proper methods of flossing, brushing, and rinsing their teeth at home. And of course, the entire staff is here to answer any of your or your child’s questions.

How Often Do Young Children Need to See the Family Dentist?

Patients of all ages – including kids with baby teeth and adults with complete upper and lower dentures – should visit the dentist every six months to provide an ongoing record of their care. Regular check-ups and professional in-office cleanings help to identify oral health issues at early stages to screen for dental problems. Young children should see the dentist by the time they’re a year old, or when they get their first teeth. Early dental visits help create a positive association with the dentist. Plus, good oral health at a young age ensures that a child can properly develop optimal oral hygiene habits. Healthy baby teeth save space for healthy adult teeth. By focusing on keeping teeth healthy, and cavity-free, additional protective treatments may be recommended to help strengthen teeth enamel as a preventative measure.