Orthodontic treatments are lengthy, but the amazing outcome makes it worthwhile. Both braces and invisalign give great results, but the advantage with invisalign is that you can take them off for a while. However, using invisalign comes with a lot more responsibility. Keep reading the blog to find out what happens if you don’t wear invisalign for a day.

Guide to Wearing Invisalign

Is invisalign worth it in the long run? Yes, it definitely is, but you need to wear them correctly. You must wear your first set of invisalign for 20 to 22 hours a day until you receive the second set of aligners. If you take the aligners out to eat or drink, be sure to store them in the case that came with your aligners. As your teeth become used to the new aligners, you can expect a little pain during the first few days.

What Happens If Skip Invisalign for a Day?

Here are a few of the biggest risks of skipping invisalign for a day:

Prolong Treatment

The span of time you wear invisalign throughout the day determines how long it takes to complete the procedure as well as its efficiency. Therefore, your therapy will take longer if you skip a day of using your aligner.

Incorrect Position

In case you skip a day of wearing invisalign, your efforts toward a flawless smile will be in vain. Without invisalign, your teeth might simply revert to their natural positions, reversing all of your hard work.

Old Aligners

If you skip wearing invisalign for a day, it is possible that you’ll have to go back to your old aligners since the new ones probably won’t fit. At the very worst, you might have to get new aligners if the old ones do not fit.

When Can I Remove Invisalign?

You should take out your invisalign only to eat, drink, clean, and floss your teeth. Remember, you should only drink water when you’re wearing aligners but refrain from drinking hot water since it might distort the plastic. In order to prevent discoloration, wash your teeth after eating anything. Additionally, take out your invisalign before engaging in any activity that might harm them, such as sports that involve physical contact.

The maximum amount of time you should take out your invisalign in a day is 2 hours only. This covers the amount of time you spend eating, drinking, flossing, and engaging in activities that might harm your aligners.

Final Say!

Invisalign is one of the most effective methods to align your teeth, but I understand your concerns about the procedure. You must be wondering if it’s possible to get invisalign with cavities or what happens if you don’t wear invisalign for a day. Well, not wearing aligners for a whole 24 hours is off-limit; you must wear them every day until the procedure ends.

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